Sometimes wisdom comes from an unusual place. I recently met an aspiring actor who shot me some wise in the form of a conversation starter. He asks, “What was your first email address?”
Most people answer with a devilish grin and a lot of underscores “_” (ps_underscores_are_still_way_cool).

This unlikely icebreaker gives some great insight and laughs. Likewise the Lifehacker site has shot me some unexpected brilliance in the form of great travel tips and carry on only wisdom… Lifehacker, not just clickbait. Its a great source for getting started in the world carry on only travel. We’ve put together a list of some of the best articles to get you started:

The Lifehacker travel list:

Show us your carry on luggage
Great beginner tips and links. Also some great reader comments and advice.

The Most Compact Way To Pack A Formal Jacket In Your Carry-On
A very useful visual tutorial on suiting up, carry on only style. (Stay tuned for a Cabin Carry road-test of this tip)

The Master Packing List For Compact Travellers
A great list to get you started. Some broad strokes advice and ideas. The dress rehearsal tip is fantastic advice. If you can test your setup over a weekend away then you can rest assured that a bigger trip will be a breeze.

Ultimate Travel Tech:Luggage + How To Pack It
Helps you on the journey with thoughts on luggage,  planning, not to packs, russian doll packing, extended packing and limiting your tech.

At the end of the day, how you travel light is up to you. Some of these tips may not be so great for your journey or may be out dated. The important thing is getting started, a spark of inspiration might be all it takes.

Let us know in the comments any carry on only travel tips you have and your (embarrassing? ) first email addresses.


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