Carry on skateboard

I’m 30 and have never skated before. Here’s what I’ve learnt in my first month with a skateboard.

It was something I have always wanted to learn and with a little help from some great youtube videos I was up on the board in less than 2 days and by the 3rd I was able to cruise enough to have a decent stack. After 2 weeks, I could carve down the street picking up tips from the neighbourhood kids.

I WAS SHOCKED! I thought this would be crazy difficult but with only a few afternoons of practice I was up and going. I have wanted to learn to supplement walking, A to B travel – I’m not planning to be kick flipping anytime soon.

I can see great benifits to travelling with a small board – just ask Casey Neistat. Moving quickly around destinations and airports. Less money spent on transport /buses/trains/taxis. Making the most of your time – travelling greater distances in less time and the connection you get from being on the streets, smelling the smells etc.

The benefits of taking a small board seem to outweigh the restriction of adding a small board to your carry on only baggage/bag.

Always wear a helmet, skate at your own risk and do something new every day 🙂

Travel light, travel often.
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