Slim Wallets

Travelling light can start with your hip pocket. We aren’t talking about forking out to buy an expensive backpack, its time to talk slim wallets.

A slim wallet is a great investment, costing little for great return. Slim wallets are [usually] unisex wallets designed for enhancing every day carry (EDC). The wallets are designed to carry everything you will need in a slimline package – Cards and cash.

Cutting down your available storage creates a situation where you are less likely to carry excess items (a key point of our ethos). Having a slim wallet means you are carrying less weight and bulk in your pocket. Slim wallets easily squeeze into tighter pockets also. Most slim wallets are now equipped with RFID blocking material to prevent nefarious skimming of your cards.

A Quick Review
The EZGO Ninja Black Slim

EZGO started as a successful Kickstarter campaign and the quality of their products speaks worlds of this success.

After one year of using the wallet we can really vouch for the excellent build quality. The wallet is exceptionally styled, in a minialist fashion, that creates an item that doesnt look out of place with any of your other gear. There is alot of peace of mind knowing that your cards are RFID safe and yet it is still very quick to access items as you need them.

The Ninja Slim is very light but expands when you need it. In travels and testing in both Australia and the USA with thin slippery plastic and/or bulky paper notes the notes section holds up well and can expand as required. The elastic section when stretched to excess will go back to its original form after a few days.

The packaging creates a for a quality unboxing experience. The price is fantastic for an entry level wallet that is of such high quality. If you keep an eye on their facebook and website EZGO  occasionally post special prices/coupon codes.

Complaints Dept.
We have found minimal issues with the product. The packaging may be a little OTT, but would be great as a gift. On our wallet the “Ferrari Red” stitching has one crooked stitch, it was a point of contention, quality control really slipped on that but maybe they were having a bad hair day.

Rating of good to awesome
Useful, well styled and designed product for streamlining your EDC.

Travel light, travel often.


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