ION Stash Bag Review


The Ion Stash bag is a great day trip bag for your every day carry (edc) and can even fit your shopping at a stretch. The Ion Stash Bag is on our must-have list for your next carry on only adventure.


The Review
The Ion Stash Bag is a great travel companion and a good investment for your carry on kit. The bag is a 3 pocket fold out, compact, day bag that can be stored down to a small size – even squeezed into a shoe out of the way in your carry on.

In practise the bag has been excellent as a day bag to carry some water, money, towel and hat with enough room for some souvenirs or bargains too. With a quick acess tall zip external pocket that effectively holds your water bottle upright. A large internal pocket for towels, hats, a change of clothes or shopping and a small top pocket that is great for valuables (especially if you are in a location that may have issues of
bag slashing). While it may seem counterintuitive to pack another bag in your carry on it is a very functional addition and allows for greater flexibility when traveling.

Some airlines allow multiple carry on bags and, in our experience, if they are both backpacks/hand luggage in appearance they rarely get weighed for additional charges. 

Improvements required:
The only complaint we have is that the the very same bag with different branding is available at half the price (at Big W, in Australia). Caribee bags make great stuff and their version appears to be exactly the same as the Ion Stash,  one is possibly a licensed copy of the other.

Bare in mind, the shoulder straps on the Stash do not have padding so it is really designed for lighter duty tasks/less frequent use.

The good to awesome out of 10 rating:

9 – A well thought out, quality bag that will easily put up with day to day light use. The bag is not a replacement for a every day use bag/pack but is great for day trips and the additional travel flexibility it provides on a budget. Available at Myer in Australia (cheaper at Big W 👍)

Travel light, travel often.


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