Why Carry On Only

Travel can be costly on time and money. Traveling light allows you to be:

Free of Burden
Carrying multiple large bags is the way of old travel, the money-grabbing expectation of airline carriers and hotel bellhops. But is it really worth all that extra baggage? Sometimes it may be worth carrying your kitchen sink with you. Probably not on your next trip though. Travelling light with carry on only baggage frees you from this burden. Many stories have been told of the frustrated tourist who donates to good will or discsrds there expensive bags and clothing in a bid to reduce their luggage burden. Traveling light allows you to take more than enough with you at all times, it requires planning and practise.

Travel with only carry bagage allows you to travel faster in many ways. It aides your general speed of walking and movement. It creates faster check in times at airport gates and hotels. It removes time spent waiting at baggage carrousels and navigating crowded areas is easier with less baggage.

Lower cost above all is probably the most tangible benefit to traveling light. Next time you are booking a flight you will notice increased costs of tickets for checked luggage, this is the social norm that nearly everyone takes as a given(Checking luggage). It may be difficult move to make, but escaping this cost is the leap of faith required to live the carry on only life. It comes as an immediate saving and with all of the value added benefits mentioned in this article.

More Secure
We’ve talked about bag security devices before. The main security benefit on travelling light is that you can have all your gear with you at all times if need be. You dont have bags go out of eyesite as checked luggage. It’s a case of a good reason to put all your eggs in one basket.

Spontaneity is often the mark of excellent travel experiences. Having all of your gear with you at all times means you really can jump on the next bus/train/flight easily. With less luggage all transit and crowd navigation become less cumbersome.

Have any insight on carry on only travel? Leave us a comment.

Travel light, travel often.


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