Every Day Carry (EDC) 1.0

The Every Day Carry (EDC) movement has gained a lot of traction over the last few years. Essentially it is the equipment/gear you carry on your person at all times. EDC is personal choice and will reflect what is important/essential or for your preparedness. We will bring together some of our favourite EDC choices in mini reviews below:
Exotac Freekey system:
● Easy to use key ring system made from high quality titanium alloy.
● Intelligent design allows easy operation and removal/addition of organiser rings.
● Flat rings allow for discreet placement in your pocket.
● Incredible value for money, orginally found on the great ITS Tactical store but also available on eBay.

●This tiny torch packs a huge punch and can be left almost unnoticeable dangling at all times as a key ring accessory. Our preference is to keep one in a coin pocket for easy retrieval when require to keep key bulk down.
●It is approximately the size of a AAA battery. Powered by 4x small watch batteries that are found at most $2 shops.
●It is much more convenient than using your phone torch and barely noticeable to carry at all times.

Victorinox Pioneer Alox Pocket Knife
● A quality knife that is less boyscout and more sophisticated.
● Minimal features make it great for the simplest day-to-day jobs without crowding your pocket with unnecessary clutter.
● A huge benefit is that its not a giant tactical, bushcraft or fixed blade knife so you wont raise eyebrows when you whip it out to get the job done whether you are at work, down at the shops or home.
● Almost all Victorinox products offer great value for money, be sure to shop around and check for specials.

Ezgo Leather Wallet
●Check our post for a full and comprehensive review. A small minimalist wallet that holds up extremely well to years of use.

[Bonus]Always with me but not always on my person:

●Hardcover artist notepad and fine felt tip pen
●Leatherman Crunch
●Mini Sharpie

More mini reviews to come :mrgreen:

Want us to review your item? Please get in contact with us.

Travel light, travel often!


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