Presale GORUCK GR3

We’ve been on abit of a hibernation around these parts but the news of the GORUCK GR3 has us very excited. For deets and to preorder yours now:

Travel light, travel often! :mrgreen:


Over $250 Off A GR2 GORUCK Pack

GORUCK christmas deal of the day includes a great travel kit based around the GR2:

With a price not for the faint hearted the $$dollars$$ off really help. This gear is without doubt worth every dollar.

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Travel light, travel often.

GORUCK Christmas Sales

GORUCK are currently offering big discounts on their high quality gear. Check out their sales coverage on the “Steals and deals page” and follow them on Facebook for regular updates.

These sales are so good they are even losing money on some deals solely in the hopes you will buy other products. That speaks loudly for the belief they hold in their gear. When you buy GORUCK you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Travel light, travel often.